Carlo Ventura (Prof. University of Bologna, founder of VID art | science). He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna, and received both the title of Cardiology Specialist and PhD in Biochemistry at the same University. He spent several times in the United States at the National Institute of Aging (N.I.A.) Laboratory of Cardiovascular Science in Baltimore, USA. Carlo Ventura is currently Professor of Molecular Biology at the School of Medicine of the University of Bologna. He founded and directs the Stem Wave Institute for Tissue Healing (SWITH) of the Villa Maria Group (GVM) Care & Research – Ettore Sansavini Foundation for Scientific Research – ONLUS. He is director of the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology at the Institute of Cardiology of the Hospital-University Hospital S. Orsola – Malpighi of Bologna. He directs the “Division of Bologna” of the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems (INBB), including the Research Units of Florence, Pisa and Siena. In 2011, in the context of INBB, Ventura founded VID, the Visual Institute of Developmental Sciences, a Laboratory of Science and Art dedicated to pursuing and promoting the evolution of a “Third Culture”, facilitating the infinite potentialities of collaborations between Art , Media and Science. He is the author of over one hundred and fifty influential publications on major international cellular and molecular biology journals.
Yuri Dini (1983) Artistic Director of the Yurta Maktub Project. Director, Performer and Musical in Il teatro della Beffa “ (Bologna) and “Knocking Teatre (Glasgow). He graduated at the University of Bologna in Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy. He studied at the Lecoq school in Paris, and Butoh dance in various places scattered around Europe with the masters Atsushi Takenouchi, Masaki Iwana, Minako Seki, Tadashi Endo, Kan Katsura, Imr Tormann, Sayoko Onishi, Yumiko Yoshioka, Ko Morobushi and Yoshito Ohno. Since 2006 he has been directing and participating in numerous shows in Italy and Europe, both as Butoh dancer and as a musician and actor. Since 2010 he has been working on Butoh dance workshops. In 2014 he joined VID art | science, for which he works as curator for ART – Atelier of Ritual Teatre. Certified Yoga Teacher, Master Reiki, Ayurvedic Massous.
“Atelier of Ritual Theater : What is meant by this formula?
“Atelier: a space in which to share knowledge and practices to re-establish, in the great spiritual crisis that affects us, a cultural device that combines Art and Care.
Theater: the magic circle, the sacred deception suspended in space and time in which denuding small daily masks to embody the universe of fears and dreams that we keep in the intimate.
Rite: Where the illusions come to an end, the old contact with the forces that have always supported the wonderful drama of existence. Knowing and recongnise oneself in the Other, building a Way of fragments and symbols that magically connect by opening to the world “
Stefano Croci (1984) has devoted himself to musical composition since 2000, engaging various albums and performing in Italy and Europe with various formations;
in this period he began his first approached the medium of  video and photography, conceived as tools for investigating the daily life. He graduated in History of Art in 2008 at the DAMS – University of Bologna. His artistic research is directed mainly towards the deepening of philosophies and religions – and its artistic outcomes – exploring the boundaries in the thoughts, history and places. He is founder and artistic director of Caucaso Factory, he is also author of documentaries and video art works. His latest work, realized in collaboration with Silvia Siberini, the experimental documentary ‘La Pietà del Vento’ on Italian architect Carlo Scarpa and the Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō, has collected over forty national and international projections in film festivals and art festivals.
“Showing and narrating are the forces that make up the flm intent. Show, through an intense and detailed observation, but at the same time a show involved, which inevitably leads to a narration, telling the emotions of an adventure story.
A look that moves between people, between their dances and their daily gestures, and which tries to be witness to the consequences of this special encounter. A silent glimpse of the lights and shadows of the forest, which awaits; the trees, the wind, the stone, in their silence and through their sounds will have the ability to be protagonists and not just the background of our history. A cure for detail, accompanied by delicate, significant movements, in search of the magic that only a few words create, in an attempt to capture ancient wisdom, in its purest form, or through people embodying it.
The documentary is thus understood in this sense, participation and restitution of these traditions as a lived and possible life, according to the most congenial narrative modes, also making use of staging and semi-fiction, to a symbolic plane of expression”
Alessandra Alifano (1991) is graduating in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna, aspiring psychiatrist and passionate researcher of neuroscience, hypnosis, psychosomatic and bioenergetic medicine. She is interested in quantum physics applied to medical practice, anthropology and ethnopathy. In addition to academic education, she has opened her research on Complementary and Non-Traditional Medicine: PNEI, Music Therapy, Chinese Traditional Medicine (MTC), Acupuncture and Shamanic Care Practices. She is President of Skyuppie Uni Lab, a student association officially recognised by the University of Bologna and curator of “Fluid studying”, an art and science lab. She plays vocals, piano and percussion. She has a conception of care as a fluid phenomenon, an indispensable and fertile land in which an encounter between art and science takes part, a complex response to complex phenomena, such as the pathologies and disagreements between body and mind.
“The Gift of Wiracocha” is a journey of receiving and research, care and study. With the strict lens of science and the desire to overcome its crazy detachment from art, the goal is to study and understand traditional shamanic care practices and, on return, integrate them consciously as clues in traditional Western medicine “
Elena Iori (1983) Psychologist and Psychotherapist, she graduates in Clinical Psychology, relation and community actions in the Catholic University of Milano with a thesis titled “The role of Breath in establishing the primary bond: breathing the emotions of prenatal life “. She has continued her personal and professional training through several masters (2005 “Ecopsychology”, 2015 “Relaxation Techniques”, 2017 “Direct Body Contact in Psychotherapy”) and in 2014 she obtained her Specialization in Psychotherapy at the Biosystemic School of Bologna . She focuses her interest on the “relational space” in which complex and fascinating dynamics can be felt, supporting the unity between material and immaterial aspects of existence. She meditates and studies energetic practices that belongs to traditional disciplines of different cultures, believes in the value of Breath as a motor of life, evident in animal and plant kingdom. She works as freelance in the Psycotherapy Center named “La Crisalide” located in Reggio Emilia, collaborating with “L’Indaco Atelier”, organizing workshops and working for musical and expressive research. She is a founding member and coordinator of “Gramigna”, association of social promotion. For several years she has been following the new scientific researches supported by VID, AQE and AIREMP.
“Listening to what comes from our true earthly dimension is not a simple thing, it is a suspended work, in that empty matrix, rich in that all. To resonate with Nature through the Rite, plays a transitional function , opens the possibility to get out of subjectivity and, necessarily, grow. In their own way, I think the plants are aware of this, probably more than us.”
“Forget that there is only one way to go, dismiss it and go elsewhere, but remember, as long as you are not, you can not really go”