During the trip, supporters and aficionados will share the experience through pictures, audio recordings and notes that will compose our blog.


June 2nd – Flight Bologna-Lima
June 3rd -5th – Lima
National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Peru. Meeting with some curanderos who in urban context developed syncretic care systems, combining traditional knowledge with modern holistic disciplines, in a constant dialogue with allopathic medicine.
Visit to the public markets that offer hundreds of natural remedies available also to the vast majority of the population who do not have access to those considered “official”.
June 6th-7th – Ica, Nasca
Cabrera Museum. Places of extraordinary archaeological finds that “odfficial” culture still fails to integrate into the cultural corpus that provides the educational base of schools and universities around the world.
June 8th-14th – Cuzco and the surrounding area

We will attend the preparation and ceremonies in honor of the Virgin of Qoyllur Rit’i, declared immaterial heritage of humanity by UNESCO. These days we will be guests of the Qero, an ancient ethnicity considered the direct descendants of the Inca and their precious cultural heritage.

June 15th-23th – Puerto Maldonado

June 24th – Inti Raymi
Inca religious ceremony in honor of Inti, the sun god. It marks the winter solstice in the Andes of the Southern Hemisphere.
June 26th – Lima
June 28th – Pucallpa
The last urban outpost of the Amazon rainforest that can be reached by land. From here, after collecting the necessary supplies, a peke-peke (small wooden boat) will take us to…

June 29th to July 10th – Mayantuyacu
Ashaninka’s Traditional Care Center: a few days in which, under the guidance of Juan Flores, we will come into contact with some Master Plants, and through them,  with the voice and the visions of the Earth.

July 11th-14th – Tingo Maria
Cueva de las lechuzas. Laguna de los milagros.

July 15th – Lima, Marcahuasi
Thanksgiving ceremony to the Earth and people who have greeted us with a free ritual theater show and workshop, in collaboration with Kinesfera Danza (Lima)

July 18th – Return flight Lima-Bologna
November 2018 – Theater of San Leonardo, Bologna
Projection of Documentary Video Promo  (Caucaso Factory)
Preview of the Ritual Theater show curated by Yuri Dini