A journey of research into an ancient and magical land, Peru, sharing daily life and rituality with men and women keepers of ancient traditions.
From these experiences we will be inspired to create a ritual theater show and a documentary flm. The impact of these works of art on the public will be offered to the lens of science through a technique called hyperspectral imaging.
“…convinced that art talks to the deepest dynamics of our biology”
Carlo Ventura


The search for a third way of combining art and science is the impulse that in 2004 led to the creation of VID art | science.
Thanks to the care and passion of Prof. Carlo Ventura (cardiologist and molecular biologist experienced in regenerative and vibrational medicine) and Julia von Stietencron (textile artist and designer) over the years , a group of researchers and artists belonging to different fields and nationality has been formed.
In November 2016 a decisive event: Cell Melodies, a three-day festival in Bologna, at the San Leonardo Theater (in collaboration with Angelica Festival), which has had the honor to host various artists including Milford Graves, Alessandro Bergonzoni and Gianni Gebbia in live experiments directed to living stem cell cultures, informed by rhythms, words and sounds produced on the scene. The response of these cells characterized by a high power of metamorphosis, whic are present in large numbers in our bodies, has been inspiring: their vibrational profile has intensified to such an extent as to show the viewers gathered in the theater a most consistent coherent cellular dance.
There are now many scientific evidence that testify the regenerative power inherent in sounds, gestures, forms and colors, that reconfigures art in its ritual function of nurturing and re-connecting with the energies and cycles of Nature.
Il dono di Wiracocha
Member of the Qero , ancient descending Inca population


On these bases, VID art | science has conceived “The Gift of Wiracocha”, a research project focused on ritual theater. This formula designates a cultural device that , through the performative act,  evokes and incarnates the intensity of the ancient mythical narratives and related rituals, harmonizing them with the marvels that the avant-gardes of science are opening up again.
In this 45-day journey into the magical lands of Peru we will have asb guides men and women as keepers of ancient traditions, sharing daily life and attending their ceremonies. We will be inspired by their world’s view and practices that constantly renew a fruitful and balanced symbiotic relationship with the forces of Nature.
This initiation path will provide material for a documentary film directed by Stefano Croci, author and co-founder of Caucaso Factory. This work will try to capture the salient stages of the journey by reworking them into a narrative that enhances the mitopoietic intent of the whole project.
Upon return, after a necessary re-integration and transfiguration of the experience, VID art | science will produce a ritual theater show directed by Yuri Dini, whose debut is scheduled in the second edition of Cell Melodies (November 2017 – San Leonardo Theatre, Bologna).
Machu Picchu, ancient Inca cerimonial center, situated in the Cuzco region
During the event, thanks to the team of Prof. Carlo Ventura, we will use a technique called “hyperspectral imaging”, capable of capturing the vibrational projection of the cells of viewers and performers. This will allow us to collect a series of scientific evidence of the changes generated through the performative act. These will then be compared with similarly collected data in ceremonies and rituals to which we will take part during our trip to Peru. This contribution to the dialogue between art and science will also allow us to lay the foundations for a comparative analysis of rite and theater , in an effort to reconcile it with its decisive role in the cultural crisis that transcends our society.
Charaters in the  Qoy’llur’riti ceremony, rite of devotion to the Land
This is our contribution to the movement that from every corner of the Earth creates and struggles for a better era. A trip to Peru , to the roots of Care, bringing a message of hope , knowledge and and a series of practices to those who want to join us in the “native village”.
We want to make a documentary of the journey and a theater show that transports and vehicles the ancient techniques of care that in those places are kept and handed down for millennia.
On June 2nd, we will leave, but only with your support we will be able to transform our travels to work, to join Art and Care and share its fruits.